Conference Programme

The Allied Occupation of Germany Revisited
New Research on the Western Zones of Occupation, 1945-1949

29-30 September 2016
German Historical Institute London

Organisers: Camilo Erlichman (University of Amsterdam) and Christopher Knowles (King’s College, University of London)

Download the conference programme as a PDF

Day 1, 29 September 2016

9.15 Registration

9.40 Welcome

Andreas Gestrich (Director GHIL)

9.45 Introduction: Revisiting the Occupation Period

Camilo Erlichman (Amsterdam) and Christopher Knowles (London)

10.15 Contextualising Occupation
Chair: Felix Römer (GHIL)

Susan Carruthers (Rutgers): Preoccupied: Wartime Training for Postwar Occupation in the United States, 1940-45

Peter Stirk (Durham): Benign Occupations? A Comparative Evaluation

Karen Adler (Nottingham): Gender as a Lens for Studying the French Occupation of Germany

11.45 Coffee break

12.00 Managing Cooperation and Conflict
Chair: Christopher Knowles (London)

Andrew Beattie (Sydney): The Allied Internment of German Civilians in Occupied Germany: Cooperation and Conflict in the Western Zones, 1945-1949

Douglas Bell (Texas): “Demokratie ist ein Fremdwort”: German Hunters and the American Occupation, 1945-1952

Trond Ove Tøllefsen (EUI Florence): Building Up and Tearing Down: The Conflict Between Industrial Dismantling and Overall Goals in the British Occupation of Germany

13.30 Lunch

14.30 Handling Crime, Punishment, and Restitution
Chair: Bernd Weisbrod (Göttingen)

Caroline Sharples (Central Lancashire): What do you do with a dead Nazi? Allied Policy on the Execution and Disposal of War Criminals, 1945-51

Beth Healey (Northwestern): The Business of Murder: Tesch & Stabenow and the British Zyklon B Trial

Kristen Dolan (Duke): Reconsidering Arrest and Detention in the Western Zones of Occupation: The Case of Hessen, 1946-1949

Jeff Porter (Birkbeck): Restitution as a Prism for a Comparative Examination of some Aspects of the Western Occupation Zones in Germany

16.15 Coffee break

16.45 Keynote Presentation & Discussion
Camilo Erlichman (Amsterdam)

Rebecca Boehling (Maryland): Transitional Justice? A Comparative Approach to Denazification in the Western Zones of Occupied Germany

18.30 Conference reception

19.30 End of Day 1

Day 2, 30 September 2016

9.30 Doing Occupation: Contested Plans and Strategies
Chair: Susan Carruthers (Rutgers)

Heather Dichter (Western Michigan): Game Plan for Democracy: Public Diplomacy Programs for Sport and Youth in Occupied Germany

Charlie Hall (Kent): Dissolution, Exploitation, or Reconstruction? British Approaches to German Science during the Occupation Period

Laure Humbert (Manchester): UNRRA in French Occupied Germany: A Comparative Perspective, 1945-1947

11.00 Coffee break

11.15 Experiencing Occupation in Daily Life
Chair: Karen Adler (Nottingham)

Bettina Blum (Paderborn): „My home, your castle“: The Requisitioning of Houses and Urban Quarters by the British Military Government in Westphalia 1945-1955 – Interactions Between the Occupiers and the Occupied

Nadja Klopprogge (Berlin): Sex, Love, and Race: The Intimate Landscape of Postwar Germany

Ann-Kristin Glöckner (Magdeburg): German-French encounters in the city of Freiburg under French occupation 1945-1949

Daniel Cowling (Cambridge): Egodocuments and the History of the British Occupation of Germany

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Mediating Occupation: Complex Interactions and the Role of Intermediaries
Chair: Camilo Erlichman (Amsterdam)

Dominik Rigoll (ZZF Potsdam): The Original 45ers: Recruiting Trustworthy Staff in West Germany, 1945-1950

Julia Wambach (Berkeley): Vichy in Baden-Baden: The Personnel of the French Occupation in Germany after 1945

Johannes Kuber (Aachen): The Priests and the Occupation: The Catholic Clergy of Baden in its Early Post-War Interaction with the French and American Allies

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 The Legacy of Occupation
Chair: Peter Stirk (Durham)

Jessica Reinisch (Birkbeck): Battleground Germany: The Occupiers and the Early Cold War

Drew Flanagan (Brandeis): The Bridge Builders: The French Occupation in Germany from Conquest to Cooperation, 1945-55

Michael Wala (Bochum): The Value of Knowledge. Western Intelligence Agencies and former members of SS, SD, and Gestapo during the Early Cold War

17.30 Discussion: Towards a Future Research Agenda
Chair: Christopher Knowles (London)

Panellists: Rebbeca Boehling (Maryland), Jessica Reinisch (Birkbeck), Bernd Weisbrod (Göttingen), Camilo Erlichman (Amsterdam)

18.00 Conference ends


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